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SmartSite delivers you peace of mind with a completely integrated communication and network solution for remote and rural campuses, offices, and camps. Now every employee or guest can be securely connected and use their applications that make them more productive. In remote and rural areas you can now connect all your office staff, production workers, morale users as well as machines and IoT devices.
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SmartSite Offers Multiple Services for everyone

Portfolio Management of Network Connections through the network intelligence of a SD-Wan deployment. A solution that will route network traffic through the connection best suited for the traffic.

Low Earth Orbit Satellites (LEO) with at 1,250 miles above the earth, with fibre capacity for all business needs at under 70 Ms latency with Gbps of capacity.

Geostationary Equatorial Satellites (GEO) at 22,000 miles above the equator, a circular geosynchronous orbit at the Earth’s equator with capacity up to 250Mbps x 30Mbps.

Wireless internet connections are available through our shared and dedicated links that can meet your speed and budget requirements.

Fibre Solutions is the most reliable format for connecting networks with capacity of gigabytes of data with a very low level of latency.

Quality of Services tagging for high priority traffic for corporate data from the remote site.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) Increased uptime: better protected networks, fewer points of failure, high-availability equipment, increased monitoring, DDoS protection web security.

Firewall Solutions that provide protection for your corporate data, reporting and management of the network and access management through VPN’s and VLAN’s

Cybersecurity Updates Services including firmware and security updates that can be implemented on a regular or urgent basis.

Network Management Services with bandwidth management, network reporting and alerting with proactive management that maximizes the user experience and minimizes cost. Networks built and managed to handle the high-bandwidth requirements up to date with Millennial expectations. Monitor bandwidth utilization: protocol breakdown provides more granular user utilization based on cost.

Network Design and Implementation Services providing the ability to segment networks into multiple VLANs that allows for separate office, morale, contractor and SCADA networks to provide greater security and improved performance.

Private LTE/5G offers a complete technology canopy over your project that provides connectivity to all of your IoT/SCADA devices. Designed, installed, and supported for large private wireless deployments.

WiFi Solutions through Fortinet Access Points that allows quick deployment, reliable performance for computer devices, smart phones and IOT devices. Improved performance via integrated system design: indoor/outdoor radios and equipment flexibility with a seamless roaming WiFi experience.

Microwave Solutions that are point to point, line of sight, communications for extended service to outlying locations and devices. 

Full PBX Phone Service provides call manager, extension calling and POE and cordless phones.

Galaxy offers SHAW TV satellite service, the leader in remote morale TV services for in-room and common viewing areas. We offer flexible terms including seasonal holds with fully customizable welcome screen and guide as well as emergency alert feature and pay-per-view events. 

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With InukNET, you can customize service plans to meet your performance needs. Our engineering team will work with you to understand your business’ internet and connectivity requirements and arrive at a comprehensive solution - at no additional cost!

Let us help your business stay connected, no matter what challenges the Arctic throws your way. Contact us today to learn more!