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Rural Communities Now Have A Solution for Internet Access.

Through InukNET, the Galaxy Intelligent Internet Gateway (GiiG) provides a smart solution that provides large capacity broadband, world leading Cyber Security, local distribution options, while being 100% managed and supported.

GiiG brings together a range of network transport technology solutions to provide innovative internet access that is reliable, secure and scalable. Communities without access to fibre face a challenge and the GiiG solution meets this by utilizing the best technology available and maximizes its potential to benefit the entire community. GiiG deploys the new LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite technology, conventional satellite, and terrestrial networks plus industry leading best practices through remote IT management to deliver real solutions for community wide benefit.

Every community will have the power of GiiG

The GiiG solution offers communities a technology roadmap, a bridge to a better internet experience with available bandwidth yet can scale up as future options emerge. Together we can bridge the digital divide for community wide benefit.

Most rural communities have few, if any, options for bandwidth. GiiG solves this problem by aggregating multiple sources into a single large pool and distributes to all households, institutions and business. This proven technology managed remotely by Galaxy’s support team delivers the bandwidth needed for video conferencing, tele-medicine and other critical needs are prioritized and general Internet access is shared fairly. This unique approach optimizes multiple satellite networks including the new transformational LEO satellite systems, conventional satellite, cellular, fibre and point-to-point (P2P) wireless links to deliver the best possible capacity and service. The SDWAN management will allow the community to combine and scale up as new options emerge in the future.

We strive to connect every household, institution, and business. Galaxy provides several options for local wired and wireless community connectivity solutions. From fibre rings to LTE/5G and WIFI, a customized efficient local design will enable all aspects of the community to prosper and access bandwidth from a single large pool, not just the select few who can afford an individual satellite system on their house.

Protecting the community from Internet hackers and scammers is a real world challenge for small deployments. GiiG deploys industry leading firewall technology to filter network traffic to protect from internal and external threats. Galaxy can also help institutions and businesses in the community enhance security and local access networks through the Galaxy Managed Services, delivering best practices and support remotely.

Community leaders need to play a significant role as better Internet access becomes available. GiiG and the Galaxy Managed Services offer leaders the ability to participate in setting policies for Internet Access, prioritizing local content, and rules that enable fair access to all, not just the few.

he Galaxy Managed Services team will provide a portal for IT management to access real-time status, review alerts and maintenance requests plus reports which will outline usage, protocol breakdowns and managed policies.

With InukNET, you can customize service plans to meet your performance needs. Our engineering team will work with you to understand your business’ internet and connectivity requirements and arrive at a comprehensive solution - at no additional cost!

Let us help your business stay connected, no matter what challenges the Arctic throws your way. Contact us today to learn more!